Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Showers....

It's been kind of a dreary day today.  This morning was begun by taking my mom to the dentist.  She was nervous, as she has a dreadful fear of the dentist.  Any normal regular procedure, even routine cleaning, involves being put under general anesthesia to prevent panic attacks from taking over and making it impossible.  As I sat in the waiting room, with echoes of that horrifying dental drill and miscellaneous chatter in the operating room, I replied to a letter from a relatively new pen-friend from Jacksonville, FL.

The last few days have been incredibly warm, and downright enjoyable.  Except for the pollen, which has been a nightmare.  Today's pollen count alone is over 8000.  Keep in mind, anything over 150 is viewed as "Extremely High" on the scale.  It's a wonder I was even able to breathe.  The parking lot at the dentist's office was covered in a sheen of greenish yellow, tires and footprints being left behind.

And then, just as the weatherman predicted, rain came.  We are possibly going to get some thunderstorms tonight, but that's ok with me.  Just after the first band of rain came through, I snapped the above photo from the front porch.

That, my friends, is my latest adventure into living more healthy.  I have been fairly successful in my quest to cook more meals than I eat out, and growing some of my own vegetable is the next step.  That is 5 beautifully healthy tomato plants, eagerly waiting to be put into their home in the ground.  Naturally, I would pick a horrible time to plant them - it's supposed to get cold again this weekend.  But, never fear.  I will have them planted and growing in no time.  I hope.

With April showers come May flowers... and June allergies... and July allergies... and August allergies....

Happy Spring, friends!


  1. We are going to "attempt" the garden this year. We'll see how that goes. Still trying to find a spot the dogs won't/can't get into.

    1. I've got just the perfect place to put a garden, but the soil needs a lot of work. We are stuck with nothing but red Georgia clay, so I have to reintroduce nutrients and compost into it before anything will grow. Lots to do this weekend, for sure!

    2. Try raised beds. You'll like them! I enjoy the smell of the cedar. It has to be an aromatic good for therapy. Roses and jasmine alter my moods too.

      Wishing you green fingers.

  2. Fresh grown tomatoes are the best! Yummy, yum, yum.

  3. I wanted to grow fresh tomatoes by myself as well but I never really did. I think I might take inspiration from you and start planting them.
    P.S.- I am sorry for the extremely late reply, I think my letter should reach you in a week or two.Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL. Such a fun sign-off. I had to enlarge the photo to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. They were, but only slightly. I didn't see the house before. You live in a beautiful place, and just think, all that pollen will make it even more beautiful. I try to make peace with the pollen just as I try to make peace with the critters that eat my homegrown food. I plant enough for them and us, and I tell the pollen how sexy it is. ;) Suffering has been reduced. I've gone from four allergy shots per week to zero. :)

    Hope you like tomato sandwiches! Tell me you do. LOL. My cherry tomatoes are so tiny. Yours look like they'll be beefeaters. :)

    Nice post, although I'm a little like your mom when it comes to dentists. She is brave, and you are a good son. JC took me. :D