Sunday, January 15, 2012

Letter Writing Week Summary

National Letter Writing week has come to an end, and this picture represents a large part of my participation.  I gathered as many addresses as I could find, some bloggers, some real life friends, and even the European Paper Company (in thanks for linking to my blog), and I wrote letters.  Lots and lots of letters.  I forget the final count, but there were many.

On the receiving side, I got a couple of things from random people who visited SendSomething.  I didn't expect to get many letters or cards this week, as I have come to live by the motto "Send some to get some."  I hope that my letters sent out this week spark conversation with interesting people from all over the country.  If not?  I hope the recipients enjoyed them, at least.

I also learned a valuable lesson.  Yes, I might receive mail, but I don't have to respond right away.  I wrote myself out of ideas and topics to talk about.  By the last letter I mailed out yesterday, I had nothing left to say, and was scraping the bottom of the barrel for topics to discuss.  So, my letters to respond to pile has grown, but in the end, my replies to them will be much more meaningful and interesting.

On the mail art front, I'm sort of conflicted.  I read a forum post somewhere that collages don't count as mail art.  But, I have to ponder the definition of art.  To me, art is a creative expression of an idea, thought, emotion, or event.  Be it text, painting, knitting, videos on youtube, whatever.  I would venture to say that anything that an individual thinks is art is actually art.  Would I call myself an artist?  No, at least not in the terms of mail art.  I have a long way to go before I create something that I view as art.  But the fun is all in the journey!


  1. As far as art: Do what makes you happy. Just create! Many folks would have better lives if they followed this simple rule. Posterity is the only true judge of art.

  2. I'm with The Snail Mailer - art is in the eye of the beholder. We all say things differently, and that is what makes this world beautiful!

  3. Anything you call mail art is mail art.

  4. Well I myself, am an envelope artist. When you dutifully sort thru your bills and discover ART in with your typical, run-of-mill mail-
    that's a great feeling!-- BUT- I also believe as The Maven says, "Anything you call mail art is mail art."

  5. Thank you all for the comments! I definitely lean towards the side that says "anything you call art is art", I just find it frustrating for critics to limit the definition of art.

  6. Just for fun (if you've not done this) Google "mail art" and then click "images" on the left- it's...amazing! or see a little collection I'm keeping at
    Happy Mailing~